The Medical Sales Industry is hiring nurses at a growing rate. Leading medical and pharmaceutical companies are seeing the value clinicians, specifically RN’s, can bring to increase profits and sales.  It started with a handful of medical companies hiring nurses as medical/pharma sales reps. Nurses were so successful in the industry a new position has recently been created and more and more companies are adopting the model. Nurses are being hired as Clinical Field Specialists.

A clinical field specialist (CFS) is primarily an educator. CFS’s are utilized as an adjunct to support the sales staff.  The CFS educates clinicians on complex medical devices/products. They are usually responsible for organic growth within existing accounts through continued education.  They generally target physicians and nurses depending on the product and company.  They conduct educational  in-services, seminars, skills fairs, forums as well as do bedside teaching,

The Clinical Field Specialist model has helped many nurses enhance their career. Nurses are overworked and underpaid and bedside nursing has its ups and downs. The 12 hour days are grueling.  Working nights while dealing with those less than pleasant doctors and/or patients can take a toll on job satisfaction. There’s also a narrow salary gap between a new nurses and one that has 20 years of experience. The pay does not reflect the amount of work nurses put in.

Nurses that are transitioning to the medical sale industry as Clinical Field Specialists have tremendous growth and earning potential.  They are generally very well compensated sometimes starting at $100k/yr or more.  Many are considering the CFS role as a stepping stone to becoming a medical sales rep where the real money comes in.

Nurses are actually at an advantage over sales personnel of getting in the Medical Sales Industry.  Nurses have clinical expertise in addition to a gamut of already established relationships within their environment which helps ease the transition

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